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Insurance of individuals from accidents and diseases is a type of life insurance. The object of insurance are personal interests related to the life and health of the insured person due to an accident or illness.

The policy of the State insurance company will protect you from unforeseen contingencies and expenses incurred in daily life due to accident or disease.

What we insure?

  • injury received in an accident;

  • injury received in an accident which caused the establishment of I, II, III groups of disability;

  • sudden illness and accommodation in a hospital or outpatient treatment.

What should be done to buy insurance certificate (policy)?

to apply to the State insurance company.

What should be done if the insured event occurs?

immediately but no later than three (3) working days to hand in a written application to the insurance company.

What documents are necessary for the insurance organization to pay an insurance indemnity?

  • an application for payment of insurance compensation;

  • insurance certificate (policy);

  • an extract from a case history in the treatment of disease in a hospital, in the outpatient treatment of illness - medical certificate or a copy of the original medical record, certified by the seal of the hospital;

  • certificate of acknowledgment of the insured event from competent authorities (if necessary);

  • copy of the medical records of the insured person, certified with the seal of medical institution (in the disability establishment, sudden illness and placement in a hospital or outpatient treatment). 

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