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Insurance of personally owned apartment is a type of property insurance, which is a simple and modern way to avoid unexpected costs for repairs and replacement of damaged property.

Objects of Insurance: 
            - Apartments with all the constructive elements, equipment, wiring, plumbing fixtures, heating systems, etc.
Having purchased policy of the State Insurance Organization of Turkmenistan is an easy solution of any problems from unexpected expenses.

What do we insure?

  • a) natural disaster, flood, earthquakes, storm, hurricane, downpour, hailstones, collapse, mud flow, sudden exit of under soil waters, unusual to region long rains or plentiful snowfalls;
  • b) flood, failure of heating, water and sewer networks including owing to low temperatures, failure of fire protection systems;
  • c) fire, lightning stroke, explosion;
  • d) falling of flying objects (planes, satellites and their fragments), incursion of vehicles;
  • e) Ill-intentioned actions of the third parties;
  • f) burglary and robbery.

What should be done to buy insurance certificate (policy)? 

  • To apply the application to the State Insurance Organization;
  • To present apartment for inspection.

What to do at insured event?

  • Immediately, but not later than 3 working days to apply the application in written form to the insurance organization and corresponding bodies (hydrometeorological or seismological services, investigatory, judicial, police or other institutions).

What documents are necessary to the insurance organization for payment of the insurance sum?

  • The application for insured event;
  • The insurance certificate (policy);
  • The certificate about destruction or apartment damage;
  • The certificate of hydrometeorological or seismological services;
  • The certificate of department of fire prevention or law enforcement bodies;
  • Photos of the damaged apartment.

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