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Liability insurance of organizers of public activities is a type of personal and property insurance and liability insurance, which is the object of insurance, is the personal and property interests of the organizers of the public activities according with his obligation to compensate the damage caused to life, health or property of third parties.

Purchasing policy of the State of the insurance organization you will protect yourself against unexpected costs in the event of injury used the property, health or property of third parties during the organization and conduct of public-mass, sports and entertainment, cultural and educational events, activities with the use of pyrotechnics, illuminations and other effects related to advertising and festive decoration.

Which insurance risk we cover?

  • damage to life, health or property of third parties as a result of the sudden destruction, collapse, falling, overturning, fire, explosion, buildings, structures, devices, equipment used in the organization and holding of activities;

  • deliberate destruction or damage of property as a result of actions of the participants in the form of vandalism;

  • not the appearance of the participants;

  • not holding the public activities or part thereof for any reason.

What should be done to buy insurance certificate (policy)?

to submit an application, documents related to the public activities, as well as photographs of the object insured in the state insurance organization.

What should be done in case of insurance event?

Immediately, but no later than three (3) working days to submit in a written form an application to the insurance organization.

What documents should be provided to insurance organization in order to receive insurance compensation?

  • application;

  • insurance certificate (policy);

  • the conclusion of the authority bodies on the cause of the insured event (if causing damage to property);

  • photos of damaged property (if causing damage to property);

  • action brought against the insurer in connection with an insured event occurs (for causing damage to property);

  • medical institute certificate (in the case of injury);

  • a document certifying the identity of the recipient (for causing bodily harm).

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