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The State Insurance Organization of Turkmenistan is established in August 18, 1992 in order to strengthen the financial condition of economic entities, the most fully meet the needs of the population and economic entities in the insurance services of the world level. The main objective of the organization is implementation of insurance policy of the State, insurance protection of property, personal interests of individuals and legal entities.

The State Insurance Organization of Turkmenistan works on the basis of the Law of Turkmenistan "On Insurance", Regulation on State Insurance Organization of Turkmenistan, as well as the license issued by the Ministry of Finance of Turkmenistan. The organization has in its structure 41 independent insurance organizations located all over the Turkmenistan.

Now the State Insurance Organization of Turkmenistan offers to people 6 types of compulsory and more than 40 types of voluntary insurance. The rendered insurance services conform to the international standards of the insurance market. The experience of world insurance practice is used for the purpose of protection of economic interests of our country.

For last period up to date insurance organization has a best practice in improvement of insurance business.

Based on approved by the President of Turkmenistan State Programme of insurance development for 2011-2015 new types of insurance have been developed and currently were improved. This Programme stimulated the insurance market development.

Carrying out works on insurance of special risks the State Insurance Organization of Turkmenistan provides economic protection to the large investment projects and objects realized for the purpose of national economy development, ensuring economic stability in the country.

Now the new software and the equipment are installed at main office and in all regional insurance organizations that enable effectively communicating. It should be noted the main quality of such software is an information safety. Implementation of this system makes it possible to communicate online between insurance organizations; it leads to time saving and simultaneous use of necessary information. Thanks to the implemented software the State Insurance Organization of Turkmenistan controls the electronic documentation used by its branches in regions, cities and districts.

Reforms in insurance system of the State are very important as fast developing country takes into account the international standards in all areas. The social and economic reforms performances in our country promote increase of insurance business efficiency. Realizing policy in the field of insurance, for the benefit of individuals and legal entities, as well as for development of our country, the State Insurance Organization of Turkmenistan carries out in consecutive order work on protection against different risks. New methods of insurance are implemented for this purpose.

Realizing the activities according to time requirements, making use of knowledge and the experience, specialists of the State Insurance Organization of Turkmenistan make all efforts for a justification your confidence, make a worthy contribution to implementation of the tasks set by Esteemed President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov aimed at the further development and prosperity of our country.

The State Insurance Organization of Turkmenistan is a reliable partner for all clients. In the world of risks to be the protected by insurance policy is the best and profitable way for each of us.