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Dear citizens and directors of organizations and enterprises!

We remind you about the conclusion of policies on state obligatory third party civil liability insurance of motor vehicle owners (carriers).

Currently, Regulations on "State obligatory third party civil liability insurance of motor vehicle owners (carriers)", approved by Decree of the President of Turkmenistan on November 11, 2016 №14993 developed in accordance with the international standards.

Owner (carrier) of motor vehicle is obliged to insure their civil liability for all motor vehicles operated in the territory of Turkmenistan. The owners (carriers) of motor vehicles are identified as legal and natural persons operating motor vehicle on the basis of their property rights, the right of economic management, operational management or on other grounds. The main purpose of obligatory insurance is to provide compensation for damage caused during the traffic accident. The third party is identified as all legal and physical parties who suffered damage caused by the road accident, their heirs (successors), which are not considered a party to the contract of compulsory insurance, as well as recognized by kazyet (court) as the third party in accordance with the law of Turkmenistan on the obligations arising from the trespass.

Motor vehicles are identified as vehicles (ground non-rail automotive vehicles with engine type motors), trailers and motorcycles, which are subject to state registration and registration in the police service for road supervision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan and other government organizations carrying out registration and accounting of motor vehicle.

Operation of a motor vehicle which has not been insured for third-party liability by the owner is not permitted. Obligatory insurance does not cover civil liability of the owners of motor vehicles with expired depreciation and institutions financed from the state budget of Turkmenistan and the enterprise of public transport, whose service rates are regulated by the government. Compulsory insurance contract is concluded for the calendar year from January 1 to December 31, inclusive, and for the newly acquired motor vehicles after January 1, the date of acquisition to December 31 of the respective year.

At the conclusion of the insurance contract 10 percent deductible is determined. The Insurer will be liable for the loss exceeding the amount of deductible.

The insurer pays the insurance indemnity in the cases of the traffic accidents resulting in deaths, disabilities or other injuries, as well as damages and destruction of property of third parties.

The payment of insurance compensation on compulsory insurance is made to the victim within seven (7) business days from the date of entry into force of the decision of the court (the Court), to establish liability of the Insured, or the recognition of the insured themselves, with the prior consent of the Insurer's liability to the third party and the receipt of all necessary documents required for the payment settlement.

The State Insurance Organization of Turkmenistan invites you to conclude an insurance policy!