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 Schoolchildren Insurance is one of the types of personal insurance, which is subject to damage caused to life and health of the insured Schoolchild.
           The insurance policy of the State Insurance Organization of Turkmenistan will help to protect the life and health of your Schoolchild.

What do we insure?

  • Life and health of schoolchildren.

What should be done to buy insurance certificate (policy)?

  • Apply to the State Insurance Organization.

What to do at insured event?

  • Immediately, but not later than 3 working days to apply the application in written form to the insurance organization and corresponding bodies (medical, investigatory, judicial, police or other institutions)

What documents are necessary to the insurance organization for payment of the insurance sum?

  • The application for insured event;
  • The insurance certificate (policy);
  • The health certificate of medical institution (in case of injury);
  • The copy of death of insured schoolboy notarized in notarial order (in case of death);
  • The certificate of the right to inheritance.

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